Showcase Event

C’est si Bon French Celebrates 38 Years and Looks to the Future

Showcase Event to Feature Old Favorites and Intriguing New Ideas in French Cuisine

August 21, 2019 Port Angeles, WA C’est si Bon a premier French cuisine restaurant, catering and gathering facility first established on the Olympic Peninsula on January 1, 1981 celebrates over 38 years of fine food, wine and joyful gatherings with showcase event on Saturday, September 14 from 5:00 pm to 9:30 PM at 23 Cedar Park Drive, Port Angeles, WA 98362. Pre-paid reservations may be made online. The base ticket price includes all entrees, music, dessert, tax and gratuities. An optional additional charge will make sure that you have full access to the fine featured wines for the evening. Norbert and Michele Juhasz want their local friends to know that their success in establishing one of the first saine cuisine establishments in the region is mostly due to your support over the decades. Norbert and Michele wish to thank you with a buffet of old and new favorites, some made from local ingredients and suppliers and a sampling of beverages produced on the peninsula with the help of Steve Shively of Olympic Culinary Loop. Some featured food presentations will include fish and seafood dishes to complement celebrations held by other restaurants and food vendors during that month as well as vegetarian options. Guests will have the opportunity to comment on all of the offerings. This way members of the community will have the opportunity to possibly influence the future of C’est si Bon. C’est si Bon is a French cuisine dining, catering and events establishment in Port Angeles, Washington. It is available for gatherings of all types including weddings, seasonal parties, corporate events, awards banquets, fundraisers and more. Dinners with reservations requested are served Wednesdays through Sundays from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. 360-452-8888.

French cuisine culinary artist, Michele Juhasz, has finally painted a fuller picture of what will be on the menu for the Showcase Event. You see most people that have enjoyed the dining experience at C’est si Bon have a certain expectation. The main attraction? The Food! Thousands of C’est si Bon raving fans have dined there in its 39 years of existence. What they expect and receive is an excellent meal, elegant surroundings, inspiring and instructive service. All that served up within the unique artistic architectural facility gives an experience that you will not get anywhere else on the Olympic Peninsula. For that matter perhaps not anywhere else either.

Sitting down, ordering a meal and eating in a pampered setting is what you will get by coming in for an ordinary evening. What you can expect at this Showcase Event is more and better.

Why is it more? You will get not just one entrée with side dishes but a choice of several of the time honored favorites and a few new ideas from Michele looking to the future.

Why is it better? In short, choice without confusion. I don’t know about you but I sometimes find it difficult to make a choice when browsing a large menu. Not only do I need to decide what dish to eat but do I also want an appetizer? Do I want substitutions? Do I want dessert? How about beverages? I have to juggle all of these choices while mentally calculating how much will be leaking out of my wallet (or, er smartphone).

Oh, and oops, by the time I have made and consumed all of my choices, the check arrives and couple of expenses have to be added: a tithe to the governor and gratuities for all of the hard working people who have put it all together and delivered at the spot and in the time promised. While understandable those two factors alone can add a considerable amount, right?

To make this Showcase Event magical, more and better Michele and Norbert decided to remove the stress and deliver more than you would get ordering off the menu, change up the atmosphere by making the dining experience more social and do it for one fixed, predictable cost that includes everything for probably a bit less than what it might cost ordering from the menu.

So without further adieu here is what Michele and Norbert have planned for us:

  • Table with Tapas and a Glass of Champagne
  • Salad and a Variety of Vegetarian Choices
  • Seafood consisting of Halibut complemented with Dungeness Crab, Leeks and Mushrooms
  • Plate of Chicken Cordon Blue. My Way!
  • Duck Confit
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Dessert Buffet

The social change? Instead of isolating ourselves at our dining table we will have the opportunity to meet all of the other guests, Michele, Norbert and the team and get to know other people with common interests and experiences at C’est si Bon.

We also have small favor to ask. To help Norbert and Michele with their look to the future we would like your opinion of what changes could be made to increase the community of friends around C’est si Bon and maintain the nutrition, artistic and social center that we all have enjoyed for 39 years.

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